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Production of fashion accessories in natural horn

We specialize in the production of fashion accessories in natural horn coming in every shape and dimension, with ever-new effects: toggles, buttons, buckles, zip pullers, cord ends, cord stoppers, bags closures and handles, shoehorns and shoes applications, bracelets, necklaces, earrings.

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The accessories are created following a very accurate market analysis. It starts from a proposal or idea conceived in the company, which is followed by the choice of the type of horn to be used among the following: Indian buffalo horn, African ox horn or European deer. Subsequently, we choose which part of the horn - plate or tip - is the most suitable for the specific project. Feasibility is also checked by considering all the various mandatory processes, and any critical issues are resolved.

The article design - direct consequence of the material and type of processing chosen - is initially realized by creating a computer drawing, in order to evaluate the various changes and adjustments that have to be made. The final design is then transferred from the computer to the machine tools (laser or CNC) for the cutting operation.

Initially we proceed with the preparation of the slab or the horn tip block suitable for the model. This phase involves the use of the bandsaw to cut the rough horn, the subsequent hot pressing of the plate, and the various calibration phases in order to obtain the correct thickness and colour. The realization of the final prototype involves various laser cutting tests at different powers, in order to obtain the optimal cut of the shape and the verification of the accessory proportion. The shape obtained is then eventually resumed manually to realize any extra forming. It follows the tumbler polishing (in ceramic or pumice), and the shine finishing performed by wooden tumblers and brightening pastes. Alternatively, polishing and brightening can be performed manually with the use of rotating fabric brushes and polishing pastes. Some types of accessories are also offered in variants of coloured horn which is dyed in a hot water bath with the addition of natural colourings.

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