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Italian Artisanal

tradition and mastery

“The uniqueness of the horn is not only given by its refined aesthetics, but also by the extraordinary manual skill needed to work it and shape it.”
Giovanni Zanchi

Tradition and Mastery

Italian Artisanal

“The uniqueness of the horn is not only given by its refined aesthetics, but also by the extraordinary manual skill needed to work it and shape it.”
Giovanni Zanchi

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Zanchi Giovanni

Specialists in natural horn processing, we produce high quality fashion accessories for clothing, leathergoods, footwear, bags, costume jewellery, and semi-finished products for the cutlery and eyewear industries. The manufacturing of this versatile and precious material with its chromatic nuances and unique natural veins requires lots of experience and skillful craftsmanship, in order to respect and enhance the intrinsic peculiarities of horn.

Raw material

Guaranteeing the high quality of the material, we directly sell whole bovine horns, bovine hollow horn, buffalo horn tips and bovine horn tips, carefully cataloged and always available for stock service.


We produce and sell semi-finished products in bovine, buffalo and deer horn such as plates for cutlery, eyewear and fashion accessories, horn blanks for button factories, handles for knives.


Fashion accessories

We design and produce horn accessories such as toggles, buttons, buckles, zip pullers, handles and closures for bags, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, keyrings, brooches, hair clips.

Quality and professionality

Small, medium and large companies in the fashion and home industries turn to us for everything related to the processing of natural horn, knowing that our production process, fluid and optimized, allows us to create a finished product of impeccable quality. A real all made in Italy item.

The company guarantees the maximum customization possible of the product, wishing to meet the needs of both small batches and large series.

Our mission is to help the customer achieve his goals by guaranteeing the highest level of satisfaction, distinguishing for refinement even in the most demanding processes.

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Experience and innovation

Zanchi is a modern and dynamic company, operating since 1952 in the world of fashion and items in real natural horn.
An evolving reality, which over the years has been able to establish itself on the national and international market.

The company covers an area of 11,000 square meters; here are concentrated all the phases of research, development and production with a staff of 17 employees, including workers, technicians and managers; all personally committed to the professional growth of the business.

All processes are managed directly in order to guarantee a complete control of the entire production cycle, the achievement of quality standards and timely deliveries.

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70 years of specialization and craftsmanship, the made in Italy style and the customisation of the product make Zanchi an excellence in real horn manufacturing of high quality value, always in line with the latest trend.

Origin and sustainability of materials

Horn is one of the oldest materials used by man in the objects manufacturing. Its beauty is linked to the variety of its colours, the streaks it assumes and the uniqueness of every obtained piece, thanks to the small distinctive irregularities.

The bovine horns on the market are found at the raw state in full compliance with the regulations for the animals protection, and following the health and environmental rules in force.

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed.
Nature wastes nothing and always recycles the substances of all living organisms. Inspired by her, we activate a new cycle by creating natural objects from a material at the end of its journey.

We have been working with

Ralph Laurent
Louis Vuitton

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